Marisa deserves way more credit than she gives herself. She is a REMARKABLE editorial photographer and is a hidden gem out of my home town of Lancaster, PA. The way she's able to capture moments is downright inspiring, and I love it when one of her images pops up on my Instagram feed.



Nicole inspires me for many reasons. First and foremost, the tones in her imagery are SO GOOD. She's a master at consistency and one glance at her feed shows this. She's also a traveler who trades in fear to experience moments. I would love to be as brave as her to travel the way she does. And lastly, the way she journals and documents her life is so cool and damn inspiring.



Jillian + Ryan are a power couple. The work they put out is consistently amazing. Their editing is so unique and it brings out so much emotion in their imagery. While my style is significantly brighter than theirs, the way they use light (and darkness) is so inspiring. The opportunities they've had to photograph in some of the coolest locations gives me wanderlust.



I met Tana last fall at a workshop in Brooklyn, NY. She was probably the only person I talked to for more than one second (introverts... amiright?) and when I eventually came across her work, I was hooked. Her ability to capture couples in such unique and romantic situations is inspiring. It's raw and its real.



Katherine's joy for life is addicting. She's extremely outgoing and goofy, which can only help bring out the fun moments I see in so much of her work. It's so important to create a relaxed environment when photographing others, and Katherine is excellent at that. Her use of double exposures and slight movement within her work is what inspires me most.

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